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Commercial Products from
NYSEARCH & Our Partners

NYSEARCH delivers products and solutions to the industry following investment of funding and industry resources towards a complex research and development lifecycle. Both staff and NYSEARCH members strive towards commercialization using a carefully planned process involving numerous partners and collaborators.

Highlighted below are some commercial products developed through NYSEARCH.

Explorer Robot – Pipetel Technologies Inc.

The Explorer Robot (EXP) revolutionized the natural gas industry by providing an innovative solution for in-line inspection of what was once considered “un-piggable” pipes. The robots are tetherless, modular, remote controlled and self-powered inspection robots that can operate in live pipelines, capture high quality imaging, and measure corrosion anomalies and mechanical damage in pipe sizes ranging from 6” – 8”, 10” – 14”, 16”– 18”, 20” – 26”, and 30” – 36”.

Alongside the years of research and collaboration dedicated to building the Explorer robot itself, NYSEARCH members have developed supporting technologies advancing current sensing and other capabilities. Some of the supporting technologies that are now commercially available include an in-line charging tool to extend range and mechanical damage/ovality sensor to measure pipe defects. Other supporting technologies under development include an Eddy Current crack sensor, hardness tester, and cleaning tool.

NYSEARCH members are also exploring the opportunities of automating various robotic controls to execute autonomous operation during inspections and energy harvesting to harness potential energy within the pipeline system to power the robot and extend range. The continued advancements of the Explorer platforms highlight the dedication and support of revolutionary ideas that NYSEARCH members choose to develop and progress the industry in overcoming the many challenges of safety and integrity.

Polyethylene Repair Sleeves VLRS/BFRS –
NUPI Americas and Mulcare Pipeline Solutions

A permanent and approved solution to remediating both suspect butt fusion joints and other non-leaking damages in 4’’ and 6’’ PE services has been developed and realized through NYSEARCH. The Variable Length Repair Sleeve (VLRS) is a high-density PE fitting that allows an operator to safely make a permanent electro-fusion repair on PE pipeline up to 124psig operating pressure without interrupting service or wasting resources on constructing a by-pass. The Butt Fusion Repair Sleeve (BFRS) is also a high-density PE fitting that can be applied to suspect butt-fused joints and electro-fused using standard electrofusion equipment without the need to interrupt gas service and perform a cut-out. The BFRS is considered a full encirclement repair by ASTM. 2’’, 8’’, and 12’’ sizes for the VLRS and BFRS are near commercial.

NYSEARCH RANGE™ Model for Gas Interchangeability Assessment of Residential Appliances – NYSEARCH

The United States is experiencing a shift in natural gas supply with the discovery of new gas formations and recent strides to incorporate renewable natural gas from biogas suppliers. Changes in fuel composition can pose a public safety challenge when appliance burner tip effects are not thoroughly understood. NYSEARCH members completed a long-term study to address the concern of changing gas supplies with both laboratory and in-situ testing to model how changing gas composition can impact the performance of in-service residential appliances. An online risk-assessment model is available for purchase here.

NYSEARCH Threat ID™ Tool for Interacting Threats Risk Assessment of Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines – NYSEARCH

Another risk-assessment model created in collaboration with Kiefner and NYSEARCH members identifies and quantifies the potential effects of interacting threats and the increased likelihood or risk impact for transmission pipeline systems. An intricate database of algorithms that includes factors for interacting threats was developed and incorporated into Kiefner’s existing risk-assessment model software. The software quantifies the effects of all identified interacting threats based on SME analysis of actual gas transmission incidents from the PHMSA and Kiefner forensic databases. A subscription to the online risk-assessment model can be purchase here. A stand-alone import spreadsheet with associated algorithms also comes with the purchase, which can be used in conjunction with any operator’s established risk model.

Remote Methane Leak Detector (RMLD™) – Heath Consultants, Inc.

One of the first commercial products successfully developed by NYSEARCH funders is the Remote Methane Leak Detector. The RMLD™ was commercialized in 2006 by Heath Consultants, Inc. The tool became a productivity innovation for walking leak surveys allowing inspection of a service line without requiring the operator to walk the entire length. The RMLD™ also allows inspection of difficult to access areas such as secured buildings/homes and yards with dogs, detecting leaks as low as 5ppm at distances up to 100ft away. Over 3000 units have been sold worldwide to date.

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