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NYSEARCH is a sub-organization of the Northeast Gas Association with members in several regions of the country. It manages a premier voluntary RD & D program for gas companies in North America and has been using a unique RD & D management business model since 1996. The core of the NYSEARCH model is joint collaboration and guidance from participating members.

NYSEARCH funding members and Staff work together in each NYSEARCH project to:
1) determine the unique requirements for the project to meet needs and deliver benefits,
2) formulate decisions based on consensus, and,
3) assess milestones and minimize risk on a per project basis.

NYSEARCH Staff are dedicated engineers and managers who take day-to-day responsibility for working closely with project funders. They oversee and guide contractors who are selected based on expertise and what each funding group sees as the most viable and cost effective path to success. Through a long-established process, NYSEARCH project managers aid timely performance of RD & D projects and work according to formalized and detailed workscopes that are agreed to by the contractor and the funders.

The benefits that NYSEARCH members receive are many. They include:

NYSEARCH conducts RD & D that addresses company needs for gas operations and environment. However, these projects can affect several other areas in the gas business. Under operations and environment, there are several areas of focus: pipeline integrity, real time sensing, improved installation, maintenance and repair, gas quality, damage prevention/pipe location, leak detection, environment/reducing greenhouse gases, and evaluation/development of new materials.

A very important element of the NYSEARCH process is a high level of participation by NYSEARCH members and specifically users within the companies who are funding a specific project. The value of RD & D is only there if the product can be fully tested in the conditions for which the product must be applied. There have been many RD & D projects over the years that resulted in prototypes that worked well in the laboratory but when modified or applied to work in the field, or to be manufactured on a standardized basis did not exhibit the same required performance or cost. Thus, NYSEARCH is very fortunate to have a dedicated group of members who have witnessed how their involvement in field testing RD & D products makes the difference in the final outcome of the research product and who continue to support NYSEARCH product testing in the working gas company environment.

For those RD & D projects that are deemed by members as successful, they typically impact the business through: